Whole Spectrum Care

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Self Directed Home Care

We offer long term-care option for Medicaid eligible individuals and their families through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) which allows you freedom and control.

To help you or your loved one perform everyday activities we offer self-directed home care.

Self-directed home care allows you to:

    • Employ your own care/support workers
    • Employ your friends and family
    • Use your benefits, the way you would like to
    • Have more hours of care and support
    • Have independence and to be in charge
Above all, Self-directed home care can be done all in the comfort of your home

Self-Directed Home Care for You or Your Loved One

Self-directed care enables you to have option, control, and freedom for you and your family. It allows you and your loved one to continue living in your own homes and community as opposed to restrictive institutional care.

Support: Helping with daily living activities such as bathing, cooking, cleaning
Services: Provide resources to support personal needs such as transportation and independent living skills.

What We Offer

Whole Spectrum Care supports program applicants in the New Jersey State who want to self-direct their or their loved one’s services and support. We work within the New Jersey state rules to hire care/support workers you like and trust. You have the right to choose who is coming into your home. You can hire workers that you feel more comfortable with, including those that share your same interests and culture or those that are your friends or family who may already be helping you without getting paid. We will manage your potential support care employee’s background check as well as help you manage your budget, approve your care/support workers’ time sheets, and process their paychecks (withholding taxes).

Self-Directed Home Care for Care/Support Workers

Looking to become a care/support worker?

Have a job and taking care of a loved one? You can now get paid to take care of a loved one!

Once you have accepted the job and are onboarded as a care/support worker we will work to make sure you get paid accurately and on time by providing you tools to submit your timesheets and making sure your taxes are withheld.