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Support Coordination

Support Coordination helps individuals
receive self-directed services, allowing for
increased freedom of choice in those services.
We partner with each individual and family to
provide ongoing support and guidance to
increase their knowledge of the services and resources to help enhance their quality of life.

The New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has transitioned from a contract-based model of service delivery to a Medicaid-based fee-for-service model. This model allows for increased flexibility, increased choice and an expansion of services.

Our support coordinators are trained social service professionals. Many of our support coordinators have personal connections with family or friends with a developmental disability. For us, providing the best possible resources is always our goal.

Whole Spectrum Care support coordinators have had extensive training in the Supports Program, person-centered planning, self-directed services and developmental disabilities. In addition to long-term relationships within the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) services, we also have contacts for services that provide legal assistance, adult programming, housing, local recreations, programs and more.